New England Patriots vs. Arizona Cardinals: Six Players to Watch

Jimmy Garoppolo (10) New England Patriots - Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports
Jimmy Garoppolo (10) New England Patriots - Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chandler Jones
Chandler Jones (55) Arizona Cardinals – Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

Patriots vs. Cardinals Players to Watch Number Five: Chandler Jones

It’s always fun to watch former Patriots players face their teammates, but this encounter is heightened in intensity because it will mark Jones’ first regular season game as an NFL pro not with the Patriots. A player starting with a new team always wants to make a good first impression; add that motivation to Jones’ baseline anger toward the Patriots for trading him this offseason, and you have an exciting player to watch regardless of team allegiance.

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You can bet that Jones would like nothing more than to storm by his former teammate Nate Solder on repeated occasions and squash Garoppolo. And while we don’t want to bet against the owner of the Cardinals’ No. 55 jersey, it should be noted that Jones was an extremely streaky player for the Patriots; some games, he would post multiple sacks, but he could also go weeks at a time without sniffing the quarterback.

How Jones fares against his former teammates will be a major storyline in this game.

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