The Patriots Are Murdering The NFL…Again


If the Patriots hadn’t done a thing this offseason, they would likely be the favorites once again to win the AFC next season. So what does Bill Belichick do? He goes out and completely murders everyone in free agency, making moves that instantly put the Patriots atop the NFL power rankings, and by a large margin as well.

After adding wide receiver Chris Hogan and dealing Chandler Jones for a talented offensive guard and a second round pick, Belichick made the best move yet yesterday, trading for one of the best tight ends in the league in Martellus Bennett.

Are you kidding me? Martellus Freaking Bennett?

This offense just went from top 5, to damn near unstoppable. The two-tight end set will be brought back in a big way this season with Gronk and Bennett, and it will be close to impossible to defend. Both are giant targets that can run well, making them mismatches for linebackers, corners and safeties. We know how dominant Gronkowski is, but Bennett is extremely talented as well, and opposing defenses will not be able to deal with both of them rumbling down the field at the same time.

The Aaron HernandezRob Gronkowski duo was incredible back in 2011, and I believe this new combo will rival that in production, and be even better when it comes to blocking. Since 2013, there is only one tight end that has more yards after contact than Bennett, and that is the one and only Rob Gronkowski.

Now they are on the same offense.

And if defenses weren’t scared enough with Tom Brady throwing the football to Gronk and Bennett, just remember he also has Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan and Dion Lewis all at his disposal. The offensive line has great depth on the interior with the trade for Jonathan Cooper, so as long as their two tackles (Nate Solder and Sebastian Vollmer) stay healthy, this offense is going to shred the league.


(Screw you, Goodell)