2016 Pro Bowl: 6 Reasons why you shouldn’t watch

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2016 Pro Bowl
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2. Lack of effort

This is an extension of the concussion/injury reason not to watch this game. Not wanting to hurt a member of their NFL brotherhood, players tone down the intensity in the Pro Bowl. And that’s a good thing, honestly, but it makes for a terrible viewing experience.

The Pro Bowl is everything good football isn’t, and that point is driven home by the lack of effort on the players’ part. If you wanted to waste a Sunday afternoon watching bad tackling, you should just swing up to UMass Amherst and take in one of my intramural flag football games.

The only solution to this lack of effort is… wait, there isn’t one. Except for putting a kibosh on the Pro Bowl entirely (which the revenue-obsessed NFL could never do), there simply isn’t a way to make tired, sore and battered NFL players hit each other for another 60 minutes after doing that for four-plus months.

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