Patriots: 6 Frustrations from Week 17 loss

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1. Timid, uninspired play overall

On the whole, the Patriots looked like they didn’t want to stick their necks out for a victory in Week 17. That honestly may have been a good thing because no one got seriously hurt. But it sure is frustrating to see the Patriots pretty much lie down against a divisional rival.

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Having lost four of their past six games—more importantly, each of their last two—the Patriots have next to no momentum carrying them into the playoffs. They will have to hope that two entire weeks of healing, film watching and practicing will get them into shape for the playoffs. The team we watched yesterday was not of Super Bowl caliber; the Patriots have some revising to do in the coming days.

Anyway, that’s enough of that. Most NFL fans would kill to have their team make the Wild Card, let alone win the division and earn a first-round bye. Now that this article has been written, this writer is going to take a perspective pill, relax and look toward the future. He encourages you to do the same.

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Go Pats.