Who Should Patriots’ Fans Root For?


The Patriots have clinched a bye going into this week. At worst they will be the second seed. Lets take a look at who Patriots’ fans should be rooting for this week.


The Broncos are currently 10-4 and they play the Bengals (11-3) on Monday night. If, by some crazy stroke of luck, the Broncos match the Patriots’ record, they will beat the Patriots out for the number 1 seed. While that might suck, it isn’t really that of of a deal. When the Patriots went to Denver earlier this year they were limping. Edelman, Amendola, and Collins did play at all; and Gronk and Hightower ended up leaving halfway trough the game. I don’t think anyone should be afraid of the Broncos if they somehow end up getting the first seed. I have full confidence that the Patriots can go into Denver for the AFC Championship and show them who the real champ of the AFC is.


What? the Jets? We hate the Jets…Yes, we do hate the Jets, and we play them this week, but we need them to win. If the Steelers lose to Baltimore (which could happen), and the Jets win out, the Steelers miss the playoffs. This is really a choice between 2 evils and the Steelers scare me a whole lot more than the Jets. I kind of want the Patriots to rest their starters this week and give the Jets the game, that way they keep up with the Steelers. Besides, if needed, the Patriots can always play their starters for a bit and stomp the Dolphins…which is customary, and protect the top seed.


Basically, see the above paragraph. The Steelers in the playoffs=scary, the Jets in the playoffs=eh. Baltimore has had…well…the year I hoped they would have. After what the Ravens and Colts did to the Patriots in regard to the Deflate-gate nonsense, I’m glad neither team is making the playoffs. This is karma in full effect. They both deserve to have this happen to them, the fact that neither team go touched for lying during the Wells investigation is beyond me, but that’s a different story for another day. For this week, and just this week, go Ravens *pukes in mouth a little*.

The main thing the Patriots need to do this week, and next week, and during the playoffs is not get hurt anymore. If we didn’t lose like half of our team we would be a power house. No one in the league would be able to slow them down. Luckily this isn’t the 2014 Patriots where we went into the AFC Championship game with stick figures and sock puppets, we’re not that bad off. Can the Patriots beat Carolina if they met in the Super Bowl? Yea, I think they can, but that window is getting smaller and smaller the more our players get hurt. Essentially, put them in bubble wrap and save them for the playoffs.