Top 10 Quarterbacks in Patriots history

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6. Tony Eason

Tenure: 1983-1989

Record as starter: 28-21 (3-2 playoffs)

Quick look at stats: 58.4 percent completion rate, 10,732 yards, 60 touchdowns, 48 interceptions, 80.6 rating

Eason’s career is overshadow by virtue of him being a member of the 1983 quarterback draft class, a group that includes five other first round quarterbacks: John Elway, Dan Marino, Todd Blackledge, Jim Kelly and Ken O’Brien. Nonetheless, Eason is remembered as one of the better quarterbacks in Patriots’ history.

The period from 1984 to 1986 saw Eason in his prime, sporting a 93.4 rating, the third-best among all quarterbacks in that span. He led the Patriots to the franchise’s first-ever Super Bowl appearance in 1985 after the team ripped off three straight playoff victories on the road, the first team to ever pull off such a feat.

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However, history doesn’t treat Eason so well because he failed to complete a pass against the Chicago Bears’ nasty ’46 defense, and the Patriots pulled Eason from the game during the second quarter. Eason brought the Pats back to the AFC Championship in 1986, but fellow 1983 first-rounder Elway prevailed in that game.

Three years later, the Patriots traded Eason to the Jets.

Eason is noteworthy because he brought the Patriots so far in the mid-eighties, but his nose plant on the biggest stage drags down his stock, which is why he lands smack in the middle of this ranking.

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