Top 10 Quarterbacks in Patriots history

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8. Doug Flutie

Tenure: 1987-1989, 2005

Record as starter: 8-5

Quick look at stats: 48.5 percent completion rate, 1,871 yards, 11 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, 61.0 rating

One of the more beloved quarterbacks of his generation across the entire North American continent, Flutie joined the Patriots in his second season in the NFL. He was drafted by the L.A. Rams in 1986 only to be traded to the Chicago Bears midseason, where he appeared in four games as a rookie before heading to New England the following year.

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Flutie drew the ire of some players by suiting up for games in the strike-riddled 1987 season, as he garnered the “scab” label by crossing the picket line. He only started one game that year, but he made it count, leading the Pats to a 21-7 win over the Houston Oilers. He played a larger role in 1988, winning six of his nine starts. After going 1-2 as a starter in 1989, Flutie sent it to the CFL, where he made his fame as one of the best players in CFL history.

By making a return to the Patriots in the 2005 season, Flutie regained popularity among the New England fan base. That popularity reached a peak when he booted a drop-kick through the uprights on New Year’s Day 2006, the first such play since the 1941 season. Here it is, in case you forgot:

The Natick, Massachusetts high school graduate will forever live in Patriots’ lore, but his low win total relegates him to the No. 8 spot on this list.

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