Top 10 Quarterbacks in Patriots history

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

1. Tom Brady

Tenure: 2000 –

Record as starter (through Week 15): 172-49 (21-8 playoffs)

Quick look at stats (through Week 15): 63.6 percent completion rate, 57,663 yards, 427 yards, 149 interceptions, 96.5 rating

No surprise here. The best quarterback in Patriots’ history is Thomas Edward Patrick Brady.

The Patriots’ all-time leader in passing touchdowns, passing yards, attempts, completions, wins and games played is in hot pursuit of another title as we speak. He holds the NFL record for most wins with a single team, something that Brady will look to pad a bit on Sunday.

What makes Brady’s career truly remarkable is the sheer amount of ways he has won football games. In the early 2000s, he operated an offense that looked nothing like the Greatest Show on Turf that he defeated in Super Bowl XXXVI. And then Randy Moss came along, and the 2007 Patriots boasted the highest-flying offense in NFL history.

There have been years when the Patriots have had zilch for wide receivers (cough, 2006, cough) and there have been years when the Patriots haven’t been able to run the ball for squat. There have been years when the defense is the best in the league, and there have been years when the secondary resembled swiss cheese. It doesn’t matter what shape the Patriots are in, Brady finds a way to pull the best out of his teammates and win games.

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At age 38, Brady only continues to add to his legacy. We look forward to seeing what he’s got left in the tank.