Top 10 Quarterbacks in Patriots history

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2. Drew Bledsoe

Tenure: 1993-2001

Record as starter: 63-60 (3-3 playoffs)

Quick look at stats: 56.3 percent completion rate, 29,657 yards, 166 touchdowns, 138 interceptions, 75.9 rating

If it weren’t for a certain Michigan graduate in the next slide, Bledsoe would go down as the best quarterback in franchise history. Bledsoe reached three Pro Bowls during his time in New England, and he was inducted into the Patriots’ Hall of Fame in 2011. Although he was benched in favor of Brady in 2001, Bledsoe was instrumental in getting the Patriots to Super Bowl XXXVI by filling-in for No. 12 in the AFC Championship Game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After being drafted first overall in 1993, Bledsoe improved the team from two wins in 1992 to five in 1993. He continued to track upward in 1994, leading the league with 4,555 yards and becoming just the second player in NFL history to complete 400 passes in a season.

Bledsoe navigated the Patriots to Super Bowl XXXI, but like Eason 11 years before him, Bledsoe imploded in the big game by tossing four interceptions.

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