Patriots vs. Jets: 6 Bold Predictions

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

5. Malcolm Butler will outplay Darrelle Revis

Both Butler and Revis were given Pro Bowl nods earlier this week, meaning that this AFC East showdown will feature two of the very best cornerbacks in the NFL. Revis is a proven entity, and Butler is becoming increasingly so.

Butler, six other Pats selected to Pro Bowl

According to Pro Football Focus, Butler has been the 17th best corner in the league speaking strictly statistically, and Revis the 30th. In addition, Butler has broken up 15 passes compared to Revis’ six, although that should be taken with a grain of salt considering that opposing quarterbacks are so weary of throwing at Revis.

Why these seven Patriots players made the Pro Bowl

We don’t know for sure who Butler will match up on, but as you will read about in the next slide, neither Eric Decker or Brandon Marshall will reach the end zone in this game. The Pats will slide a safety over to help Logan Ryan in coverage on one of those guys, and Butler will shut down the other. He’s just that good.

Meanwhile, the Patriots’ surprisingly potent run game will allow Brady to utilize the play-action fake to his advantage. Expect Brady to take a shots his former teammate downfield as the game goes on.

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