Patriots should try Jamie Collins at tight end


Patriots should try Jamie Collins at tight end

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Here’s some food for thought. The New England Patriots should make a package of offensive plays involving Pro Bowl linebacker Jamie Collins at the tight end position. Collins is arguably the most athletic player on the roster; why not give him a shot on offense?

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This wouldn’t be the first time the Patriots implemented a set of offensive plays for a linebacker. Back in the glory days of the early 2000s, Mike Vrabel caught a touchdown pass in Super Bowl XXXVIII against the Carolina Panthers as well as in Super Bowl XXXIX against the Philadelphia Eagles. Vrabel was used solely in goal line situations, and that much is clear by the fact that all 10 of his career receptions went for touchdowns.

However, Collins offers more than just goal line receiving ability. Just take one look at his 51-yard interception return against the Tennessee Titans last week, and you’ll see that he runs faster than the majority of the Titans’ offense. Watching Collins run with the ball is as exciting as any sight for a Patriots fan.

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Of course, there is a risk of playing Collins at tight end. He’s one of the most essential fixtures in the Patriots’ defense, so any abuse he may take as a tight end is a risk. Plus, Collins is usually the team’s leading tackler every week. The Patriots wouldn’t want to overwork the body of their most promising defensive player.

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While this may seem like a pipe dream, keep in mind that the playoffs are approaching and the Patriots always keep a few tricks up their sleeve on offense. Whipping out a package that includes Collins lined up at tight end alongside Rob Gronkowski would throw opposing defenses for a loop, at the very least.

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Anyway, it’s a fun idea.