5 Gifts the Patriots want for Christmas

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5. Home field advantage

To be owners of the No. 1 overall seed in the AFC this time next week, all the Patriots have to do is take care of business on the road against divisional rival New York Jets. A win in New Jersey in Week 16 is all that separates the Patriots from home field advantage.

They’ve already locked up the much-needed first round bye, giving ailing players an additional week to rest, refuel and recovery. But the foot can’t be let off the gas pedal quite yet, as there is a major difference between home field advantage and playing on the road in the AFC Championship Game (assuming the Patriots get there, of course).

Takeaways from win over Titans

Playing in a hostile environment in Cincinnati or Pittsburgh, for example, is something the Patriots would like to avoid. If Saint Nick could throw the Patriots a bone and help them navigate through the Gang Green defensive line on Sunday, that would be great.

Speaking of the ground game…

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