6 Reasons why the Patriots won in Week 15

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5. Brandon LaFell’s hands

Finally, LaFell put forth a performance absent of any drops. He snagged all four catchable passes thrown his way and turned those touches into 88 yards receiving, tops on the team. LaFell also ripped off the longest offensive play of the day, a 31-yard catch and run off a drag route which powered the Patriots’ opening touchdown drive.

How did the Patriots react to beating Tennessee?

Hopefully, LaFell has put his butterfingered days of 2015 fully behind him. Regardless of the health of Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman, the Patriots need to have a trustworthy target in LaFell. Honestly, he’s pretty dangerous with the ball after the catch; Brady has before likened him to a running back when he gets into open space. The trouble is LaFell’s inconsistent catching, but we didn’t see that on Sunday.

Any and all headaches that LaFell causes on the perimeter only benefits the focal point of the Patriots’ passing attack, Rob Gronkowski. Sure enough, thanks to LaFell’s drive-sustaining play on that opening drive, Gronk caught a touchdown pass from five yards out. Bam.

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