Patriots vs. Titans: 6 Bold Predictions

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2. Brian Orakpo will give Patriots headaches

We talked earlier about how the Titans have given up a gargantuan number of sacks thus far. Well, they’ve done a decent job on the other side of the ball, ranking seventh in the league with 35 sacks. Leading the charge has been former Washington Redskins pass rusher Brian Orakpo and his seven sacks.

In Week 15, Orakpo will be the only Titan to drag Tom Brady down, but that will be alright for the Titans. Like Jones for the Pats, Orakpo will total three sacks, which will put him in double-digits on the season.

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Orakpo has played the Patriots just once, and he didn’t get to Brady in that game. In his second game against New England, he will make his presence fully felt by disguising his approach to Brady and sneaking around other Titans pass rushers to evade his blocker.

Orakpo’s big day will be a thorn in the side of the Patriots’ offense, but it won’t make that much of a difference, as you will read about in the next slide…

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