New England Patriots: Eye on the Competition: the AFC Contenders in Week 14

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Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking of teams which no one wants to play in the playoffs, the New York Jets are continuing to play well and stay ahead of the Steelers for the wild card. After losing four of five games the Jets seemed out of the playoff picture sitting at 5-5. Instead, despite an injured Darrelle Revis, the Jets have won three straight games.

The Jets are winning games with their offense as Ryan Fitzpatrick continues his resurgence at quarterback. Expected to backup Geno Smith, Fitzpatrick has 25 touchdown passes and shown instant rapport with wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. The Jets have little impact on offense behind that duo as Chris Ivory has been wildly inconsistent. Wide receiver Devin Smith was supposed to be the third option but he struggled early and is out with a knee injury now.


The Jets are trying to hold off the Steelers but have a tough stretch to close the season. Dallas is not what they should have been this year, but the Jets still have to go to Texas and try to win. The Jets only remaining home game is against the Patriots and they have to go to Buffalo and face the Rex Ryan clown show to end the season.

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The Patriots can help themselves by getting rid of the irritating Jets team (that’s a compliment–that defense is not one anyone in Foxboro wants to see in the playoffs) with a win in week sixteen in New Jersey. New England could use some help from Dallas to knock down the Jets a peg, but that week sixteen matchup is looking like it is going to be a fun one with playoff implications for both teams.