MVP Watch: Cam Newton Over Tom Brady? What A Joke


The NFL MVP race has basically been whittled down to Cam Newton and Tom Brady. Early on Brady was the clear favorite, but after a litany of injuries, analysts are now saying they’d choose Cam Newton…here is why that’s a joke.

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I get it, stats aren’t everything but they matter when the numbers are as one sided as this. Tom Brady leads the league in passing yards this year with 4,138 yards, which is over 100 yards more than the next closest QB (Carson Palmer). Cam Newton isn’t even in the top 10 for passing yards (he’s 16 at 3,062). Tom Brady also has 33 TDs which is 5 more than Newton’s 28, he has 4 fewer INTs than Newton (Brady has 6 and Newton has 10), and he has more games with 300 yards passing (Brady has 7, Newton has 2) and Tom Brady averages 318 yards a game with a passer rating of 103.6, Newton is averaging 235.5 yards a game and only has a 96.9 passer rating.

Supporting Cast

Before the injuries affected the Patriots, they were the best offense in the NFL, since then, the Patriots have lost their starting running back, starting left tackle, number 1 receiver, and have had rotating injuries to their offense, yet they still find a way to win. Now, I’m not a Panthers’ fan, but outside of kelvin Benjamin I can’t think of an important offensive player who they lost for an extended period of time.

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It’s honestly not fair when you look at this. Ever since Deon Lewis went down a few weeks ago, the Patriots have no running game, yet the Panthers crank off over 100 yards a game on average. Jonathan Stewart almost has 1000 yards rushing and they use like 3 different backs in Carolina. The numbers don’t lie, the Panthers are playing more well rounded ball. If Brady still had Lewis this wouldn’t be a conversation. Sit there and tell me that getting over 100 yards every game doesn’t make life easier for Cam Newton. We all know it does. The Panthers’ defense is also way better than New England’s. The Patriots’ aren’t bad on defense, but they are no where near what Carolina fields every week.

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The MVP is supposed to go to the best all around player in the league, the person who puts the team on their back and produces for the whole year. Brady has done that for years and this year is no different. It doesn’t matter how banged up they are, Brady keeps chugging along and putting up eye popping numbers no matter who is on the field. Take Greg Olsen from Cam Newton, or have Jonathan Stewart get hurt; you’re singing a different tune then. Brady is better and his numbers prove it. Anyone that wants to give Newton the MVP is an idiot. He has it so much easier than Brady yet he is still getting out performed. Tom Brady’s numbers clearly show he’s the best in the league. Period.