Patriots vs. Texans: Smack Talk with Toro Times editor Randy Gurzi

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MF: Who will have a better outing against­ their former team: Brian Hoyer or Vince­ Wilfork?

TT: Vince Wilfork is on Houston? I have said before if he wasn’t so large, no one would know. New England is brilliant at letting people go when they’re done being effective.  And Wilfork is done. He has 14 tackles in 12 games. Hoyer could have a 4 interception day and still help more than Vince.

He had a great career, but last season may have been the last good one in his tank. The Pats did it again in terms of the smart roster move.

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MF: The Patriots also have a few former T­exans on their roster, Keshawn Martin an­d Damaris Johnson. Do the Texans miss th­ose guys?

TT: I don’t think they miss them, because Nate Washington and Cecil Shorts III have been great fits. The Texans are hurting in the return game, but I’m not sure Martin would make a difference because he was only average in that regard last year.

Martin sure does look better as a receiver for New England though, I won’t lie about that.

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MF: If there was one player on the Patrio­ts roster you could pluck onto the Texan­s besides Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, ­who would it be and why?

TT: That’s a great question, but my answer would be Devin McCourty. He is the quarterback of that secondary and it’s hard to find a safety of that caliber. I mean, New England lets people leave in free agency constantly and finds a great replacement. McCourty…they paid! He is a stud.

MF: Give us your best- and worst-case sce­nario for the Texans in the game, follow­ed by your final score prediction. Thank­s for stopping by Musket Fire, Randy.

Houston should have a solid chance to win this one because the Pats are just so banged up. But…the Patriots have lost two in a row and I may be wrong but I can’t say they have ever lost 3 in a row with Tom Brady.

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As much as I would love to call a Houston win, I see this going the other way. I picked New England to win 31-16.