Should the Patriots Consider Terrell Owens?


Terrell Owens recently came out and said he’d like to play for the Patriots. With the Patriots’ receiving core pretty banged up, should they give Owens a chance?

Owens is one of the greatest receivers in NFL history. Statistically he’s top 3 and has had a hall of fame career. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he was great. The problem with Owens is that he’s a locker room nightmare. He’s self-centered and way too full of himself. While he is the prototypical receiver (a huge body that stayed relatively healthy) his mouth always seemed to get him kicked off of teams.

Owens often works out with Tom Brady in the off season. How much of a connection they have I don’t know, but they have been playing pitch and catch for a while. It’s no surprise that Owens has stated he would love to play for the Patriots, he says that about a lot of teams. However, I feel like this is different. He didn’t come out and say he wanted to play for the Ravens or anything and they are one of the most banged up teams in the NFL. He said he wanted to play for the Patriots because he knows Brady and he respects their organization. Which is fine.

The Patriots might as well kick the tires on Owens, giving him a workout couldn’t hurt. He might still have something left in the tank, he says he does. The Patriots have taken headache players before and turned their careers around. Maybe all Owens needs is a chance to redeem himself before he finds his way to Canton. The Patriots are probably the best team to help with that. I think that he’d keep his mouth shut and work hard because if they signed him it would be his last shot in the NFL.

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One of Owens’ worst problems he has going on is that his last real stint in the NFL was with the Bengals and Chad Johnson. That team was a mockery and those 2 were the headliners. It’s funny that one of them found his way to New England, now why not give the other one a chance?