NFL Week 13 Picks: Patriots Bounce Back vs. Eagles


Here are my week 13 NFL picks:

Patriots 30 Eagles 16

I don’t think this is going to be a complete domination because the Patriots are still dealing with a lot of injuries. However New England is still a much better team, and they will prevail in the end.

Giants 23 Jets 14

When these two teams come together it’s always a fun matchup, and I think Eli Manning and OBJ will lead the Giants to a key win in their divisional race.

Cardinals 24 Rams 20

This is a mismatch on paper, but divisional contests are always tight, and the Rams won’t go away easy. However the Cardinals are just too talented to let this one slip away.

Falcons 27 Bucs 21

Atlanta has really done a complete 180 this season, as they have gone from legit contender in the NFC, to fighting for their playoff lives. I’ll give Matty Ice a much needed win here.

Vikings 20 Seahawks 17

The Vikings are a well balanced team that is poised to make some noise in the NFC this January. The Seahawks need this win to stay afloat in the wild-card race, but Russell Wilson and company simply won’t be able to score enough points against this Minnesota defense.

Texans 23 Bills 16

Riding a top notch defense, Houston has made a nice comeback this season as they are right in the thick of the AFC playoff picture. If they get this win, that would set up a nice showdown with the Patriots next Sunday night in primetime.

Dolphins 26 Ravens 24

This game could be a sneaky candidate for most entertaining game of the week, just because both teams really suck. Matt Schaub pick-six to lose the game? I like it.

Bengals 28 Browns 19

I hope the Browns can pull off the upset to help out the Patriots clinch home-field advantage as soon as possible, but it just won’t happen. If they can somehow keep it close, they’ll find a Cleveland way to mess it up.

Jaguars 22 Titans 17

For your own health, don’t watch this game.

Bears 27 Niners 14

I am fully on the Bears bandwagon right now. Jay Cutler is slingin’ it, that defense is playing well, and they just have that likeable underdog quality to them. Go Bears.

Broncos 19 Chargers 14

This game will be closer than many think because the Broncos just aren’t that good. Their defense is legit, I’m not arguing that. But that offense of theirs is extremely overrated, and that will keep this game close.

Chiefs 20 Raiders 18

Are the Chiefs the hottest team in football? They just might be, as they are riding a five game winning streak, and looking very good in the process. Watch out for this bunch.

Panthers 27 Saints 20

12-0. Chalk it up.

Steelers 33 Colts 23

I am a huge Andrew Luck fan, but there’s no sugarcoating it: the Colts have been better with Matt Hasslebeck this season. With that said, the old man won’t outscore Big Ben and company on the road.

Redskins 25 Cowboys 22

Dallas’ season could have been so different if Tony Romo and Dez Bryant hadn’t gone down. But this is their reality, and their season is over, while the Skins control their own destiny atop the NFC East.