Patriots vs. Eagles: 6 Bold Predictions

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5. Damaris Johnson will score punt return touchdown

Even though there’s a good chance Danny Amendola will return in Week 13, the Patriots may decide to keep him out of harm’s way on punt and kick returns. At least, that’s what I would do if I was wearing the hoodie on the sideline this Sunday. Amendola is one of the most valuable members of the offense without Julian Edelman around; he shouldn’t be risked in the dangerous return game.

Expect the Pats to employ the services of newly signed Damaris Johnson right away. Johnson is a proven veteran, a speedy 175-pounder that should be the player fielding punts and kicks against the Eagles.

News: Pats sign Damaris Johnson, Trey Williams

You probably didn’t know that the Eagles surrender fewer yards per punt return (4.7) than any other team in the NFL. Their success has been a combination of outstanding punting from 12-year veteran Donnie Jones and excellent coverage.

With that in mind, it is bold to predict that Johnson will return a punt for a touchdown in this game. But it’s going to happen, and Patriots fans will start falling in love with Johnson as a result.

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