AFC Power Rankings Week 13: Chiefs skyrocket, Pats fall to No. 2

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<p>Man, this was the ideal time for the Jaguars to get themselves together on the road and be 5-6 entering December. But alas, they were the punching bags in the Chargers’ first win since early October, and that’s why they rank in the bottom six of these AFC power rankings.</p> <p>The reason the Jags fell in Week 12 is simple: settling for field goals too often and scoring touchdowns too late. Jason Myers booted four field goals in the first three quarters, and then the Jags finally able to reach the end zone with Blake Bortles finding Julius Thomas and Allen Robinson. But it was too little too late, and Jags fans can only say what-if about those four previous trips deep into San Diego territory.</p> <p>The playoffs still aren’t out of the question, however. The Titans, Colts, Falcons, Saints and Texans await the Jags in the coming five games; Tennessee and New Orleans are inferior squads, and the Falcons aren’t much better. That just leaves the Colts and Texans as roadblocks for the Jaguars in the AFC South.</p>. AFC South. 4-7. Jacksonville Jaguars. 11. player. 10

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