AFC Power Rankings Week 13: Chiefs skyrocket, Pats fall to No. 2

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Now that Monday Night Football has passed, the 12th week of the 2015 regular season is officially in the books. Across the football universe, power rankings of all 32 NFL teams are being pumped out; here on Musket Fire, we like to focus on just the AFC, since that’s the conference of the New England Patriots. Zeroing-in on just the 16 AFC teams each week is a fruitful study.

Here’s the landscape of the AFC entering Week 13. Enjoy:

35. <p>Marcus Martiota tossing two very avoidable interceptions, 41 rushing yards from running backs and allowing Derek Carr to slice up the secondary through the air dragged the Titans down for the third straight week since Mike Mularkey’s dream debut in New Orleans. There isn’t a team in the NFL, let alone the AFC, that is worse than the Titans right now.</p> <p>A home game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 13 could very well be the Titans’ last realistic chance at a victory this season. After that, the going gets very tough, with back-to-back road games up north in New York and New England followed by the home finale against upstart Houston and the season finale in Indianapolis.</p> <p>If you’re at all invested in the Titans emotionally, it’s time to start researching college prospects. 2015 has been a rough year for this team.</p>. AFC South. 2-9. Tennessee Titans. 16. player

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