How Did The New England Patriots React To Beating The Bills?

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Nov 23, 2015; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler (21) defends a pass intended for Buffalo Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins (14) during the second half at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Malcolm Butler

(On his performance during tonight’s game) 
“I think I did okay, but I can always do better. There was a penalty, but I just had to turn around and look for the ball. Other than that I think I had a pretty solid night, but I do have room for improvement.”

(On the offensive and defensive performance during tonight’s game)
“We’re a team. Sometimes the offense will win it for us and sometimes the defense will have to go out and win it for us. We’re all going out there together and taking it play-by-play. We have 60 minutes of playing and we just hope for the best.”

(On how the Patriots play upfront helped the back end) 
“For the most part the defensive line did a god job and contained in the best way they could. We really just need to be out there running with the receivers and finishing the plays.”

(On the Patriots performance over the past two weeks)
“It has all been a team-effort and when we’re out there we have each other’s backs. I go out there and try to do the best I can just like every other player. We just put in a team-effort.

Rob Gronkowski

(On getting the win during a tough game) 
“It’s good. It’s tough to get a win every week in the NFL and you take whatever you can get. We definitely could work on a lot, but a win is a win, and you got to give credit to our defense. They played unbelievable today. The effort they gave and all the stops they had – huge for our defense.”

(On how the offense will continue if Danny Amendola needs to miss significant time)
“Guys just keep stepping up. Guys are hungry on our team. [Chris] Harper had his first game – always working hard. Players on our team are always working hard. If you’re starting or not starting, it doesn’t matter. We all have chemistry throughout practice.”

(On the Buffalo Bills) 
“They’re a good team. You got to give credit to them. They got a good defense. They got a lot of good players out there and you got to give them credit. They did a lot of things right – tough, physical and ready to play. The thing is, we just came in here and got the win and wins are always big.”

(On the offense struggling to put up points)
“You just have to go out to practice and work out what you did right, what you did wrong and knock out the kinks and fix some things and bring it out next week.”

(On if he feels he’s receiving extra attention on defense) 
“I see it all. It’s about the same every week. They had a good defensive plan and we just need to execute better as an offense and myself. I just got to play better.”

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