How Did The New England Patriots React To Beating The Bills?

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Nov 23, 2015; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) throws a pass against the Buffalo Bills during the first half at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady

Q: Can you explain the use of the audible, “Rex Ryan”?

TB: Yeah, we have a lot of things that are kind of in the playbook, so that’s one of them.

Q: Was it meant to distract them or to send a message?

TB: No, just communication on offense. We use a lot of terms.

Q: It’s unusual though.

TB: We’ve used a lot of things in the past. We have a lot of unusual terms. I think we run the gamut. So we’ve got to get creative and think of different things, so that one is pretty unique.

Q: What did you see happen on that inadvertent whistle? How frustrating is that?

TB: It’s just one of those plays. I don’t know really what happened. So I was just kind of rolling and Danny [Amendola] did a good job kind of springing free and made a great play. He played great all night. He just makes play after play after play for us. I really don’t know what happened. We were on the sideline and he sprung free, so that ended up being a good play for us. I wish we could’ve converted it into more points.

Q: What was the call originally? Did they think you were out of bounds?

TB: I don’t know.

Q: Did you expect it to be tough sledding out there tonight with all of the changes?

TB: Yes. I think we did, but I don’t think that’s an excuse. I think we can play better, and I think some of the things that we didn’t do well have nothing to do with missing some other guys. We’ve just got to do things better if we want to score more points, and I always talk about just execution, us all being on the same page. And I think there were a lot of plays out there where we didn’t necessarily do our job very well, and if you don’t do it well then no one else can really make up for what you’re trying to do. So there were a lot of critical plays that we left out on the field against a good defense. And I think they do a good job challenging you because they’ve got good players and they’ve got a good scheme, and if you’re not on top of everything then they make you pay. And there were a lot of plays that were just uncontested. We didn’t really have much of a chance.

Q: How difficult is it to get Rob Gronkowski free when other skill players are going down with injuries?

TB: Yeah, we’ve lost a lot of guys, and we’ve lost quite a few guys over the last three weeks. So I think we’ll just keep fighting and figuring out a way to win, and it’s good to win against a good defense. Any way you can get these wins, I think it’s a positive. I think just whoever is in there, we’ve got to have confidence in what they’re doing and Gronk, obviously I have a lot of confidence in him. If two guys go on him, then other guys have to really step in and make the plays, and we made some. I just think we left some out there, and I think we’ll kind of review the film. We’re playing against a good team next week. We’ll see if we can do a little bit better.

Q: Is it good to be 10-0?

TB: Yeah, it feels good to win. It’s obviously hard to get to this point. Every team goes through different things, and we’ve kind of withstood a lot. So, we’ll just keep fighting.

Q: Do you think you’re still trying to figure out how to do certain things without certain players or was it all just execution tonight?

TB: It was, I think, a lot of execution that we could do better. And we lost Danny during the game, we lost [Aaron] Dobson during the game, and we were down to two healthy receivers. You get pretty limited quickly in the things that you can do, and we still played hard and we fought hard. We just, we’ve got to try to review some things and [sync] some things up and see if we can play better next week.

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