AFC Power Rankings Week 12: Chargers hit rock bottom

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

10. <p>This is the minority opinion, but I’m a huge fan of the Jaguars’ gold uniforms. Jerseys that make players look like the name of the team (for example, the Bengals actually look like tigers) are excellent, and the Jaguars’ looked like jungle cats on Thursday Night Football. Plus, they won wearing them, so that always helps.</p> <p>How about Davon House? Since coming to Jacksonville in free agency he had been pretty quiet, but he has forced three turnovers in the past two games (two picks in Week 10, forced fumble against the Titans on Thursday).</p> <p>6-6 is a very real possibility for the upstart Jags, as they face a pair of 2-8 teams in the coming weeks, San Diego and Tennessee. Seriously, don’t be surprised if the Jags contend with the Texans and Colts for the AFC South title.</p>. AFC South. 4-6. Jacksonville Jaguars. 10. player

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