Patriots vs. Bills: 6 Bold Predictions

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

5. Chris Harper will be leading WR for Pats

As you may remember, Harper was one of the major stories out of training camp this summer. He burst onto the scene as an undrafted free agent, seriously contending for a roster spot. Luckily, no other team seemed to notice how much potential Harper holds, and the Patriots were able to re-sign him in the wake of Edelman’s injury.

From the Chris Harper vault: Patriots kick-off in 14 days: Profiling No. 14 Chris Harper

Mark these words: after this game, Harper’s fantasy football value will skyrocket. Bill Belichick, Josh McDaniels and the rest of the Patriots’ offensive brainpower will strike the Bills in the most unexpected of ways by giving Harper plenty of opportunities. And Harper will deliver.

Expect a stat line of six catches for 128 yards and a touchdown for Harper in his NFL debut. Much like last year’s undrafted darling Malcolm Butler, Harper plays with confidence and aggression, traits that will serve him well against Ronald Darby, his likely dance partner for Week 11.

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