11 best moments of Patriots’ 2015 season entering Week 11

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10. Dont’a Hightower’s sack of Brandon Weeden

No player deserves to wear Tedy Bruschi’s No. 54 more than Hightower, who is quickly becoming the AFC’s Luke Kuechly. Hightower’s sack of Brandon Weeden back in Week 5 epitomized his style of play and characterized the caliber of season he is having in 2015.

Before the ball was even snapped on this play, Hightower was hovering aggressively around the line of scrimmage, as he often does both when he’s about to blitz and when he’s disguising a blitz. In this particular instance, Hightower couldn’t have anticipated the timing of the snap better, bursting through the line, bulling his way through the blocking back and dragging Weeden down for a major loss.

Unfortunately, Hightower suffered a rib injury later in the game, which held him out of play for a few weeks. But since returning from that injury, Hightower hasn’t missed a beat, continuing to make plays like this one.

In a game that was dominated early by Greg Hardy and the Cowboys’ defense, it was extremely helpful when Hightower made this sack, ending a Cowboys drive and giving the ball back to Tom Brady.

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