11 best moments of Patriots’ 2015 season entering Week 11

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2. Malcolm Butler pass break-up on Odell Beckham Jr.

Earning his second nod in this countdown is Butler, who literally saved the game for the Patriots (sounds familiar) by slamming his right paw down on Beckham Jr.’s outstretched hands in the nick of time. Not many cornerbacks in the NFL could make that play.

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Butler brings a certain fire to every play that is refreshing in the Patriots’ secondary. He is confident in his abilities, enough so to talk-up every wide receiver he covers. Remember how much trash talk Butler and Edelman dished out at each other during training camp? Butler carries that personality onto the field, and it’s working.

What drives Butler the most is the fact that he is the top corner on the roster. No one is better than him and he knows that. Butler carries responsibility as the most capable cover man the Patriots have, and it benefits him in the most heated of situations.

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