AFC Power Rankings Week 11: Bengals stay at No. 2 despite loss (MNF update)

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Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

<p>Elvis Dumervil’s big mistake summed-up the Ravens season in a nutshell. The frustration among this recently-glorious roster is palpable, and it was on full display in Week 10.</p> <p>It wasn’t just Dumervil’s error that cost the Ravens, however. The offense committed four turnovers, which handicapped the team throughout the game. At least Chris Givens caught another touchdown; it looks like the Ravens have found a semblance of Steve Smith for Joe Flacco to enjoy.</p> <p>Look for the Ravens to get back on track next week against a St. Louis Rams team that just received a serious shellacking at the hands of the Chicago Bears on Sunday.</p>. AFC North. 2-7. Baltimore Ravens. 13. player. 26

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