AFC Power Rankings Week 11: Bengals stay at No. 2 despite loss (MNF update)

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13. <p>Barely above the Browns this week are the Chargers, who lost their fifth straight game to the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. Believe it or not, all five of the losses in the Chargers’ winless strength have been decided by one score.</p> <p>At this point, the goal should be to avoid double digits in the loss column. However, that will be tough to accomplish with five divisional games remaining for the Chargers, including two games against the suddenly-hot Kansas City Chiefs as well as the Denver Broncos. At least they have the chance to play spoiler against their top rivals before the playoffs.</p> <p>Part of the Chargers’ problems can be attributed to the fact that they are <a href=. AFC West. 2-7. San Diego Chargers. 15. player

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