Patriots vs. Giants: 8 reasons why you should be excited

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5. Brady postseason history against Giants

Of course, when you hear someone talking about the Patriots and Giants, it’s almost always in reference to the classic Super Bowl games between the two proud franchises. Although the Pats survived in Week 17 of 2007 with that 38-35 win, the Giants spoiled their attempt for immortality a month and a half later. And then the Pats’ 2011 season was stopped short of the Lombardi Trophy by the Giants once again.

For fans of the Patriots who saw those Super Bowl heartbreaks and felt the pain, any chance to get back at the Giants is not taken for granted. Pats fans should be excited at the opportunity to handily defeat the team that has stood in the way of the Patriots and a Super Bowl ring on two separate occasions.

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For what it’s worth, the Pats wore their home blue jerseys and the Giants their away whites in both of those Super Bowl losses. On Sunday, the Patriots will wear white while the Giants don their home blues.

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