Patriots vs. Giants: 6 Bold Predictions

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2. Both OBJ and Butler will have outstanding catches

What a treat it will be to watch these two star sophomore pros go at it. Beckham Jr. is a top-five wide receiver in this league, and Butler is the reason Tom Brady has four rings on his bureau.

Expect trash talk between these two talkative players early and often in this game. It will be a back-and-forth battle, as Butler will surrender a few big plays to OBJ, but he will also have his starring moments.

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Just last week, Butler proved his worth as a true No. 1 corner, shutting down DeSean Jackson. Butler allowed Jackson to catch the ball just three times on six targets, which culminated in only 15 yards.

Meanwhile, OBJ ranks in the top ten of the main receiving categories of receptions, yards and touchdowns. He’s about due for another jaw-dropping catch, just like Butler is due for an interception (he hasn’t secured a pass in his hands since Week 2 against the Buffalo Bills).

Beckham Jr. will corral an overthrown Eli Manning throw for a touchdown in the first half. Butler will fire back by climbing the ladder for a well-anticipated interception in the second half, which will help to secure the victory for the Pats.

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