Patriots Should Pursue Dri Archer


So the Steelers cut ties with WR/RB/KR Dri Archer to make room for the newly claimed Jacoby Jones. I think the Patriots should consider picking Archer up, and here’s why.

Danny Woodhead

When the Patriots picked up Danny Woodhead from the Jets, no one thought he’d even make the team, no one knew what position he’d play or how durable he was. Now look at him, he’s one of the best receiving backs in football and I miss the little guy a lot. I think Archer would be able to do a lot of the things Woodhead did. Yes, we have Lewis, but could you imagine a package with both of them? I think that’d be crazy.  I also think that Archer would be able to help in the return game a lot. I hold my breath every time Edelman or Amendola return anything. I think Archer would do just as well as them and he wouldn’t be as important to the offense.

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Yes, Archer is paper thin at 5’8 170ish, but he can fly. He ran a 4.26 at his pro day last year. The dude was a 3rd round pick a year a go. ONE YEAR AGO. I’m surprised the Steelers cut him, but I guess when you have Brown, Bryant and Sammie Coates you might be expendable. No one on the Patriots team is as fast as him, not even lightning in a bottle Tom Brady, who is just blazing all over the place…


I honestly liked Dri Archer coming out of college more than I liked Phillip Dorsett (1st round pick) and Tavon Austin (1st round pick). Yes, Archer is smaller than both of them, and no one really knows what Dorsett is yet, but think about Austin. He’s one of those swiss army knife players that the Patriots covet. That is exactly what Archer is. If I was the Patriots, I’d cut Dobson and pick up Archer. Dobson isn’t doing anything and he doesn’t play special teams. Archer can help way more than Dobson.

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When I think speed there are few players I think of more than Archer, but one of them is DeSean Jackson. Let’s face it, Jackson is a one trick headache. All he can do is run a go route and he’s way too full of himself for his own good. I think with the Patriots coaching staff, Archer could turn into a more well rounded Jackson. Just get Archer in space and let him work. Don’t build your offense around him, just let him use that 4.26 speed to contribute. It can’t hurt.

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There you have it, my reasoning for why Dri Archer should be a Patriot, however, since I think this I know it’ll never happen…oh well.