10 reasons why the Patriots are undefeated

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For just the second time in franchise history, the New England Patriots have started a season 7-0 (you know the other time that happened). As Patriots fans, it’s easy to take success for granted because of its abundance, but many NFL fans wouldn’t even dream of their team being undefeated in the month of November.

Yes, there are weakness with the 2015 Patriots. The offensive line resembles a hospital ward and the cornerback situation is very iffy after Malcolm Butler. But for the most part, the Pats have played incredibly well through the first seven games.

Success like this isn’t a fluke. There are concrete reasons as to why the Patriots are sitting atop the rest of the NFL field right now. Read on to find out about 10 of those reasons.

[Editor’s note: source for the stats and rankings in this article is ESPN.com’s NFL statistics page.]  

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