Patriots: 6 likes, 6 dislikes from Week 7

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Dislike: Defense’s interception drought continues. For the second straight game, the secondary wasn’t able to capitalize on tip-drill opportunities. The Pats haven’t picked-off a pass since Logan Ryan’s garbage time interception of Brandon Weeden in Week 5.

Dislike: The drops. One can only imagine the number of sprints Brandon LaFell will be tasked with in practice in the wake of dropping not one, not two but six passes in his first action of the season.

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Dislike: Absence of running game. Evidently, Bill Belichick’s game plan going into this game was to avoid running the ball completely, as LeGarrette Blount and James White combined for one yard on five carries between them. When the Patriots were leading late, it would have been nice to employ a dependable ground game instead of relying on the Butterfingered wideouts to catch the ball.

Dislike: Eric Decker getting the best of Malcolm Butler. Decker accumulated 94 yards on six receptions, using his size to out-muscle Butler on several occasions. If he’s going to be a true No. 1 corner, which the Patriots need him to be, Butler must start winning this caliber of matchup.

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Dislike: Losing the third down battle. The Jets were significantly more efficient, converting on eight of 14 attempts, while the Patriots were successful on eight of 16 third downs. In particular, this game wouldn’t have been nearly as close if the Pats’ defense had rallied better on third downs.

Dislike: Pat Chung dropping kickoff in the end zone and nearly causing disaster. Don’t expect to see the safety on the kick return unit again this season.

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