How Did The Patriots React To Win Over Jets?

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Chandler Jones

(On when he will start preparing for Miami)
“Right now. Start watching film. I’m going to watch the game they played today. They played a good game against Houston. I saw that at halftime. They’re a good team. [Ryan] Tannehill is a good player and we’ll have to contain him.”

(On if 6-0 is an indication of how good the Patriots are)
“No, not even close. We have a long season ahead of us. We’re just taking it one week at a time. You can’t think about what’s going to happen or what has happened.”

(On the short week)
“We just have to put our nose to the grindstone and get ready. It’s a quick turnaround. We’ve done it before. It’s something that we’re just going to have to be ready for next week. They have a quick turnaround, too. They played today, so it’s fair.”

Brandon LaFell

(On his performance)
“Performance? If I had to give myself a grade, it would be an ‘F.’ I let the ball get out of my hands too many times. Tom [Brady] threw some good balls, I should have caught them. But overall we got the win. I just have to get back to it. We have a short week. Dust the cobwebs off and come back out here and play.”

(On his first game back)
“First game, last game – it doesn’t matter. I expect more out of myself and my teammates expect more from me. I’m just really down on myself right now, but I’m happy for the other guys around me, stepping their level of play up and held on for us, and made plays when we needed it.”

(On his drops)
“I was just trying to forget about the play before and try to keep moving forward. After the first one I felt [frustrated]. Kind of got down on myself, but Tom kept telling me he was going to come back to me, coaches kept telling me to keep making plays. I just wasn’t making them.”

Devin McCourty

(On whether you needed a tight game like this to toughen the team up and prepare for what’s ahead)
“I don’t know if we needed it, but we knew coming into this one it was going to be tough. I remember the last time we played these guys it was a big win. Every game we’ve played against these guys has been decided by three points or two points. Every guy on this team knew that this was going to be a tough win.”

(On whether you were surprised by the Jets’ third-down efficiency)
“I don’t know if surprised is the right word, but we expected to come out and play well on third down. We didn’t execute that well early, but we picked it up. I don’t know what their third-down percentage was, but overall it’s never good when you start off giving up five-out-of-seven on third down, so it was an uphill battle from there, but I thought we stuck with it and made some key third-down plays.”

(On the last few moments of the game)
“After the onside kick, maybe they had a shot, so you don’t want to let them get out of bounds. You want to make sure to tackle them in bounds and it all started with [Patrick] Chung making that tackle in the middle of the field. That forced them to get on the ball and try to spike it. There was an illegal procedure and we won.”

(On what you were doing out there schematically)
“I think they made some good plays and I thought the plays we made had better execution by all of us on the field. Whether it was a guy helping out over the top or whether it was zone or leverage, guys were just helping each other. I thought we just executed better.”

Logan Ryan

(On if there is more pressure on you individually when you don’t have safety help)
“You know, it’s a position that’s always pressured. You don’t want to make the wrong step. A lot can go wrong, a lot can go right as well, so it’s just a pressure position. It’s the NFL, so it’s a competitive league. It’s not going to be perfect, but you just want to finish with more points than they have.”

(On if you have any satisfaction form quieting Brandon Marshall for portions of the game)
“Yeah man, he’s a huge competitor and I had to match his energy level and just try my best with that guy. I knew he’s not going to get completely shut down or anything like that. He’s too good. He’s too big. But the front seven did a great job. I’ve got great safeties behind me and Malcolm [Butler] had a tough task today. They asked him to do a lot, too, so I’m thankful for those guys putting me in that position.”

(On if you could sense any frustration from Brandon Marshall)
“He’s a guy who wants to ball. Good or bad play, he wants to ball again like any great competitor would, so I knew to keep bringing it because after the first quarter, after the second quarter, he’s going to keep wanting the ball. He’s going to demand the ball and they’re going to find a way to get that guy the ball. That’s why he’s been having those games – that hundred-yard streak he’s been having – so he’s definitely a big part of their offense, so I knew the ball would be coming my way.”

Sebastian Vollmer

(On the focus on protection)
“I think the focus is always there no matter what. Whether it’s the first play of the game, last play of the game, I don’t think that changes.”

(On if he prefers playing against better competition)
“I’ll take a win however it comes. They don’t come easy in this league. It’s good for the fans, but again, I’ll take them by a lot or a few – however we can get them.”

(On how the offensive line communicated)
“It’s a growing process, but I think that’s what training camp is for. You practice a lot of different things and I think the guys that we have are professionals and they work hard and I feel like whoever is in there, it doesn’t really matter, if it’s the original five or not, each game we should get better, and that’s what we’re striving for. So, hopefully, next week we’ll be better, and in a month, we’ll be better, and all that stuff, so, it continues.”

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