New England Patriots Beat New York Jets 30-23


For the majority of this game, the New England Patriots played absolutely horrible. They weren’t finishing plays on offense, they were giving up long third down conversions, and receivers just couldn’t hang onto the ball. When the Jets took a 20-16 lead late in the game, it really looked like the Pats were going to suffer their first loss of the season.

However then the greatest quarterback of all time, Mr. Tom Brady, kicked it up a notch, and dialed up two Super Bowl-esque touchdown drives to win the game for New England. Brady was 14-17, 150 yards, and two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, as he proved once again he is the most clutch player to ever live. For the game Brady completed 34 of 54 passes for 355 yards and two touchdowns, and that was with 11 drops from his receivers. Oh, and he was facing the best defense in the league for what it’s worth.

Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski both came up huge for the Pats, combining for 19 catches, 194 yards, and two touchdowns. New England’s run defense was phenomenal as well, as Chris Ivory and that ground attack was completely stymied for four quarters.. Combine that with Brady’s excellent fourth quarter, and the Patriots are 6-0, and well on their way to another AFC East crown.

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Coming into this game, I didn’t care how the Pats won, all that mattered was getting a big division win. With all of the injuries they are currently dealing with, it does’t matter what these wins look like, just notch another divisional victory, and move on to the Dolphins. If they can get that win on Thursday, they will be in great shape in the division going forward, and they can start to get healthy.

The bottom line is this: The Pats played pretty bad all game long, and still hung 30 on the best defense in the league.