New England Patriots Starting to Run Thin


Even though the Patriots have jumped off to an impressive start and many are wondering if they can be as good (or better) than the ’07 team, they are beginning to run thin at some key positions.


Nate Solder was lost for the year 2 weeks ago, the Patriots were able to beat the Colts without him, but their division has some of the best D-lines in all of football. Marcus Cannon came up limping and isn’t expected to play, we have no idea what is up with Wendell, Shaq Mason is in a walking boot and we’re still waiting on Stork to come back. The Patriots will configure the line to the best of their abilities, but some wonder what happens if another goes down? The Patriots may be in the market for depth and versatility on the line. I just hope Andrews can play all over when Stork comes back.

Defensive Back

Going into the season everyone was worried about the back end of the Patriots defense, and now we see why. The corners have been banged up, and they weren’t a strong spot to begin with. Are they good enough to win with? Yes, but what happens if one of them goes down. The Patriots may be in the market for a corner that a team is willing to part with (I’m looking at Sean Smith from KC or someone from SF) I can see a few teams that might as well throw in the towel on this season (Lions, Bears, Chiefs, 49ers, Ravens…etc.) and might be in the market to get another draft pick. When the Patriots are trying to bringing Cortland Finnigan out of retirement because they have no depth, they have a problem. Hopefully they can pull off another Talib-like trade.


Even though the D-line is really deep, it only takes one injury to stop the…well mediocre pass rush the Patriots have. Sheard isn’t playing against the Jets, Easely is an injury waiting to happen, and Malcolm Brown is still learning the ropes. Basically if Chandler Jones or Ninkovich goes down, the D-line is not going to pressure anyone.

I’m not expecting some blockbuster trade to take place before the deadline, but it would be nice to see a non-depth trade made. I want someone that I can rely on, not some no name that I hope Bill can turn into a role player. I’m kind of tired of picking from the scrap heap. I want that guy that people say “you got him?!?!” for a change. Sean Smith is first on my wish list. I think he’s within our grasp and KC will probably be ready to deal soon.