AFC Power Rankings: Patriots stay on top

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45. <p>Another week, another pick-six. The Broncos recorded their fourth defensive touchdown of the season when Aqib Talib leapt on a Josh McCown out-route pass and took it back for the score. It’s getting to the point where the Broncos <em>need</em> these defensive touchdowns to offset the weakening arm of their starting quarterback.</p> <p>Although he did toss three picks in Week 6, Peyton Manning managed to utilize his one-two punch receiving duo very well. Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas teamed-up for 220 yards and a touchdown on 14 receptions. The Broncos will remain undefeated for some time if the defense continues to dominate and those two wideouts get the ball early and often in games.</p>. AFC West. 6-0. Denver Broncos. 3. player

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