NFL Week 6 Picks: Get Ready For A Murder In Indianapolis


Here are my week 6 NFL picks.

Patriots 100 Colts 0


Jets 24 Redskins 13

Don’t look now, but the Jets are looking like a real NFL team, and while they won’t be challenging the Patriots for the AFC East division crown, they could be sneaking into the playoffs as a wild-card when January rolls around. Washington isn’t as bad as many thought they would be at the beginning of the year, but they have no shot against that Jets defense.

Cardinals 31 Steelers 20

If Big Ben were playing, this would be must-see TV. However with Mike Vick at the helm of Pittsburgh’s offense, the Cardinals shouldn’t have a problem getting their fifth win of the season. Carson Palmer has their offense rolling, and Arizona’s defense has quite a bit of talent as well.

Vikings 26 Chiefs 20

If it weren’t for a few unlucky breaks, the Vikes could be 3-1 and looking like a legit contender in the NFC. Meanwhile the Chiefs are in shambles, and with Jamaal Charles done for the season, there isn’t much hope left for Alex Smith and company.

Bengals 30 Bills 23

We don’t know if Tyrod Taylor is going to be playing yet, but even if he does, I don’t see how the Bills can win this football game. The Bengals are clicking on all cylinders right now, and while I will never, EVER trust Andy Dalton in a big game or the playoffs, he is doing just fine in this offense.

Bears 27 Lions 16

Chicago isn’t great, but Detroit is awful, and after their pathetic outing last week against Arizona, I think it is only going to get worse for Matthew Stafford and company.

Broncos 17 Browns 14

I picked against the Broncos four out of the five games they have played this season, and I should have been right every single time. Their offense is beyond pathetic, as the only reason they are winning these games is because they have a good kicker and defense. I like what I have seen out of Cleveland, but they will fall just short in this one.

Jaguars 20 Texans 17

I am officially off the Texans bandwagon, and they might want to think about starting a tank shortly. If you can’t beat a bad Colts team with Matthew Hasslebeck at quarterback at home, you won’t be doing much in this NFL season.

Titans 23 Dolphins 20

Remember when the Dolphins were a popular pick to unseat the Pats as the AFC East champs? Yeah, good times. Miami will come out and fight hard for their new coach coming off a bye week, but it won’t be enough to overcome their weaknesses.

Panthers 20 Seahawks 16

Seattle is another team that is lucky to be 2-3, as they got extremely lucky against the Lions on Monday Night a few weeks ago. Carolina has always played the Seahawks tough in the past, and as long as Cam Newton can play a clean game, I think he leads them to another big win.

Packers 33 Chargers 24

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are extremely tough at home, and I don’t see a reeling Chargers squad taking them out. Phillip Rivers will give them a good game, but San Diego doesn’t have the defense you need to keep Rodgers at bay for four quarters.

Ravens 27 Niners 23

This Super Bowl rematch just doesn’t feel right because both of these teams are awful. I guess I’ll go with the Ravens because the coin I just flipped came up heads.

Giants 31 Eagles 24

Division rivalries are always fun, and this game will be more entertaining than some think. However Eli Manning has his offense clicking right now, and Philly’s defense, particularly the secondary, doesn’t have the personnel necessary to stop them.