The Pathetic Colts Are Only 7.5 Point Underdogs vs. The Patriots


The whiny, pathetic, sad, horrible, awful, miserable, loser Indianapolis Colts host the New England Patriots this week on Sunday Night Football, and the Pats are only 7.5 point favorites.


If you are a betting man, put your life savings on the Patriots in this one, because if there was ever a time where you can guarantee Tom Brady and company putting a beatdown on a team, it is this week. Granted, the Patriots have been doing that all season, and will likely continue to do that all season, but since these are the Colts, also known as the most pathetic organization in football, you better believe New England will be coming out looking to embarrass them on their home turf.

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Taking out the obvious emotional element that is deflate-gate, the Pats are so much better as a team this year, it’s almost comical to compare the two squads. Indy’s offense is anemic, as their offensive line can’t block, receivers can’t get open, and assuming Andrew Luck plays, their quarterback turns the football over far too often. Defensively, they are even worse. The defensive line and linebackers are just putrid against the run, and aside from Vontae Davis, they don’t have much talent in the defensive backfield either.

Looking at the Patriots, there isn’t much wrong with this team right now. They have the most dominant offense in football, led by the best quarterback and the best offensive weapon in the league, and they have an elite front seven that can make life very tough for opposing offenses.

Add in the fact that it was Jim Irsay (a drug addict, mind you), Chuck Pagano, Ryan Grigson and the entire pathetic Colts organization that brought about deflate-gate, and the Patriots are probably going to win this game by 100 points.

The revenge tour moves on. This week Brady isn’t trying to give the middle finger to the NFL, this week, it is a big ‘FU’ to the Colts.