Moronic Colts Troll Greg Doyel Is At It Again, Talks Crap On Patriots


There are morons, there are trolls, and then there are moronic trolls, and that is what we have in Indy Star writer Greg Doyel. Morons are fairly easy to spot, because they just don’t know what the hell they are talking about. Mike Silver of is a moron. Cris Carter, and about 90% of the analysts at ESPN are morons. Then you have the trolls of the world, who probably know what they are talking about, but they understand that trolling brings in more pageviews, more popularity, and ultimately, more money. Bart Hubbach is a troll, and of course the great Skip Bayless is a troll.

Greg Doyel is the rare mixture of the two breeds. He is most definitely not a flat-out idiot, because in non-Patriots related articles, the man can write. However when it comes to the Patriots, he is obviously trying to troll, but his insane stupidity regarding the team and deflate-gate also shines through, and that was evident in his latest post, which was released yesterday.

Here are a few of the best parts:

"Brady had his suspension overturned in September for the legal gobbledygookiest of reasons. A U.S. District Court didn’t find Brady innocent. It found NFL commissioner Roger Goodell guilty of overplaying his hand.If this is me playing the lame homer card, fine. The Patriots cheated the team in my city. Residents of Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, you give the Colts the best you’ve got: money, emotion, more. The Patriots rigged the AFC title game. Cheated the Colts. Cheated you.The Colts should give this game the best they’ve got, not because it’s the Patriots but because it’s the next game on the schedule, and the next game is always the most important game. Besides, only a scared team would sit a healthy quarterback.Only a scared team would cheat, too.Let’s not be scared around here, OK? Let’s not be anything like the franchise coming to town on Sunday."

Honestly the best part of that was Doyel claiming Indianapolis to be my city. The ego on this guy is giant. This dude, a guy who just writes words about football players, thinks Indy is his damn city. Ridiculous.

Anyway, to the parts about the Patriots, it is obvious work of a troll, but I think there is a part of Doyel that truly believes some of the crap he writes. He legitimately thinks the Pats constantly cheat, and that is a main reason why they are successful. He legitimately believes New England somehow rigged a game that ended up 45-7, and the Patriots were scared of the Colts going into that very game.

Sometimes you just have to feel bad for moronic trolls like this. Pats by 100.