AFC Power Rankings: MNF Update

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

1-4. Baltimore Ravens. 13. player. 26. <p>To say the Ravens tackled poorly on Isaiah Crowell’s touchdown late in the fourth quarter would be an understatement. I had just been directed to the Ravens-Browns game by CBS when Crowell caught that dump pass and navigated his way through the once-threatening Baltimore defense with ease, and it surely looked like a 1-4 team that I was watching.</p> <p>Jon Harbaugh’s hair is getting noticeably less brown these days, shall we say. Maybe he should tell Joe Flacco that spiking the ball on the head of the Raven in the end zone is bad luck. It’s hard to see the Ravens mustering the strength to contend in the AFC North with the Bengals residing on Undefeated Street and the Steelers and Browns looking like much more put-together squads.</p>. AFC North

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