AFC Power Rankings: MNF Update

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6. player. 46. <p>The combined age of the Colts’ top quarterback, running back, wide receiver and kicker from their Thursday night victory last week is 148 years. Honestly, seeing Matt Hasselbeck (40) hand off to Frank Gore (32) and throw a pair of touchdowns to Andre Johnson (34) to have Adam Vinatieri (42) boot the extra points was pretty impressive.</p> <p>Age may have just been a number against the middling Texans, but it will be a liability against the streaking Patriots on Sunday Night Football next week. The Pats look forward to playing the Colts every year because they dominate the line of scrimmage and defeat the Colts in every way, shape and form; the Colts’ stable of aging horses on offense simply won’t be able to keep-up with the Pats’ offensive output.</p>. AFC South. 3-2. Indianapolis Colts

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