NFL Week Five Predictions: Patriots Roll, Seahawks Go Down


Here are my week five NFL picks:

Patriots 37 Cowboys 20

I think the Patriots win this one big, but I can’t bring myself to predict a 30-point blowout. So we’ll go with something a bit more reasonable here. Dallas’ defense will not be able to stop Tom Brady from going up and down the field, and Brandon Weeden simply won’t keep up.

Chiefs 21 Bears 16

Kansas City’s front seven should be able to key in on Matt Forte, and while Jay Cutler will certainly get his, I think there is a higher chance he throws a couple of interceptions than the ultimate game manager Alex Smith. Jamaal Charles is the difference with two rushing touchdowns.

Bengals 24 Seahawks 17

The Seahawks were ridiculously lucky to win last Monday night, but they won’t be tomorrow in Cincinnati. The Bengals have a Super Bowl-caliber roster aside from the quarterback spot, and since we haven’t hit the playoffs yet, Andy Dalton isn’t too bad.

Falcons 27 Redskins 17

I don’t think Atlanta is a legit Super Bowl contender, but for now, that connection between Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will be enough to win them plenty of football games.

Buccaneers 20 Jaguars 17

Man, if you watch this entire game, props to you. This one will be ugly.

Saints 30 Eagles 23

New Orleans won’t be charging hard for a run at the NFC title or anything, but I think they found something last week against the Cowboys. Drew Brees got that old magic running again, and if they can continue to run the football well, they will go off again against the Eagles.

Ravens 23 Browns 17

The Ravens are another team that was extremely lucky to come away with a victory last week, and in the long run, they are in a world of trouble. However this week I think they will get their second win of the season, as the Browns will do a little more than Baltimore to lose the football game.

Packers 24 Rams 20

This contest might end up being the best one of week five, simply because of the chess-match that will be going on between Aaron Rodgers, and that ferocious front four of the Rams. Ultimately, Rodgers will have the last laugh, but not before he is put on his butt a few times.

Bills 27 Titans 26

Buffalo suffered an embarrassing loss last week against the Giants, and they will come close to losing another one tomorrow. But I think Rex Ryan’s defense will force Marcus Mariota into one bad turnover late, and that will help seal the win for the Bills.

Cardinals 28 Lions 20

Both of these teams are coming off losses, although Detroit should be coming off a nice road win in Seattle. Carson Palmer and his offense didn’t look nearly as explosive as we have become accustomed to last week, but he will turn it around against Detroit.

Broncos 23 Raiders 13

Denver is very, VERY lucky to be 4-0, especially with that pathetic offense of theirs. Luckily for them, they have a top notch defense, and they will be the reason why they win their fifth game in a row.

Giants 24 Niners 14

Could this primetime game be any worse? The Niners suck. Simple as that.

Chargers 26 Steelers 21

I picked San Diego to win the AFC West at the beginning of the season, and while that may not come to fruition, I do like their chances against Pittsburgh. Without Big Ben, this offense isn’t nearly as explosive as it should be, and because of that, I like Phillip Rivers to outduel an aging Mike Vick every single time.