Patriots vs. Cowboys: 6 reasons we’re looking forward to Week 5

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3. Keshawn Martin after a week of study

In his first game as a Patriot, Martin impressed, snagging three passes for 33 yards and a touchdown against the Jaguars. It will be interesting to see how a week of playbook study benefits the former Texan as he adjusts to the Patriots’ complicated offensive scheme. Martin is trying to carve out a role for himself that will keep him relevant on the roster when Brandon LaFell returns from the PUP list.

During practice last Wednesday, Martin was seen sporting a black jersey, which is given to the best practice players of the week. It’s clear that the veteran is squirrelling his way into Tom Brady’s bank of trust.

Here’s a picture of Martin cutting so sharply to get open for Brady on that touchdown that he spun his man on the ground:

If Martin heats up, the Patriots are truly going to have an embarrassment of riches at Brady’s disposal.

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