AFC Power Rankings: Patriots lead the way into Week 5

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55. <p>Nudging Cleveland are the Steelers, who get penalized in these AFC power rankings for how different of a team they are without Ben Roethlisberger (as you would expect). Michael Vick plays fast and loose, which works sometimes, but that style of quarterback play can also cost you possessions, as we saw in the most crucial of moments on Thursday night.</p> <p>After missing 40 percent of his field goal attempts this season, Josh Scobee finally got the chop. The Steelers are parting ways with the 11-year veteran for Chris Boswell. It was an inevitable move. Boswell will have to prove his worth next week against the Chargers, as any and all errors he makes will be closely scrutinized.</p> <p>The Steelers stand on shaky ground as they enter Week 5.</p>. AFC North. 2-2. Pittsburgh Steelers. 11. player

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