AFC Power Rankings: Patriots lead the way into Week 5

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15. player. 59. <p>Narrowly avoiding the bottom ranking here are the Dolphins, who looked every bit as jet-lagged in London as you would expect out of actual dolphins. Ryan Tannehill has to wipe the ink off his fingers from the fat contract he signed over the offseason; 19-of-44 passing and two interceptions aren’t going to cut it for his 1-3 team.</p> <p>Joe Philbin insists that his job is secure, and it will be if the Dolphins carry a 3-3 record into their Week 7 tilt with the Patriots. There’s no reason why the Dolphins shouldn’t beat the Titans and Texans in the next two weeks.</p> <p>Here’s a problem the Dolphins had in Week 4: running the ball with an actual running back. Wideout Jarvis Landry led the team with 29 yards on the ground.</p>. AFC East. 1-3. Miami Dolphins

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