AFC Power Rankings: Patriots Lead the Pack Entering Week 4

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James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

14. player. 52. <p>I think it’s a toss-up as to who is the worst team among the four 1-2 AFC South squads, but it’s hard to put a team that just lost by 34 points below the others. The Jaguars are an alright team—they’re building, and that’s evident. But you just can’t make the mistakes they did against the Pats and expect to get anywhere close to winning.</p> <p>Allen Hurns looked like a rookie again when he snagged that 59-yard touchdown pass. Seriously, the Jags are an up-and-coming team, and while I put them at No. 14 right now, I expect them to rise as the muddy AFC South gets sorted out some more.</p>. AFC South. 1-2. Jacksonville Jaguars

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