AFC Power Rankings: Patriots Lead the Pack Entering Week 4

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Week 3 has come and gone. The landscape of the NFL is coming into focus bit by bit. Because this is a New England Patriots site, instead of power ranking all 32 NFL teams, we are going to focus on the AFC. After all, that is the field of teams that the Pats must navigate through over the course of October, November, December and January to reach the Super Bowl.

26. <p>Yeah, pretty much no one would have predicted that the Ravens would be residing in the cellar of the AFC entering October. Looking back to the Divisional Round classic between the Ravens and Patriots in January, it’s clear that the outcome of that game sent the two franchises in completely different directions. The Pats rocketed to a Super Bowl win and a 3-0 start while the Ravens have since flopped around on the bottom of the boat.</p> <p>The Ravens are 0-3 for the first time in franchise history, and things could very well just continue to get worse. Although the Steelers will be without Ben Roethlisberger on Thursday night, they are still going to be a tough out. Steve Smith (13 catches for 186 yards and a touchdown) and Jimmy Smith (awesome pick in red zone) were the bright spots in an otherwise frustrating Week 3 loss to Cincy.</p>. AFC North. 0-3. Baltimore Ravens. 16. player

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